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Polyamory in the news

Breakthroughs have been happening in public notice and recognition of the polyamory alternative. Newsweek, CNN, ABC’s Nightline, MTV, bigtime evangelical media — if you haven’t kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last four months (or signed up for the nice LJ friends feed or other syndication service), here’s some of what you’ve missed:

  • According to Newsweek online, polyamory is “America's next romantic revolution.” “It's enough to make any monogamist's head spin. But the traditionalists had better get used to it.” The magazine claims the U.S. now has more than half a million poly households, though it doesn’t give any clear source for this number.

  • The Newsweek author, a few days later, also mused on the Feminist Roots of Polyamory. “The key to poly relationships is gender equality, and women have been central to the creation of the practice.... The way these families make their relationships work is perhaps the most feminine of all: by good old-fashioned talking....”

  • The president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary gives a big swath of the evangelical world an accurate, level-headed description of who we are and what we're about. Of course he's opposed. But with opponents like this, who needs allies?

  • Advice columnists pick up the poly hot potato everywhere from Dear Margo, Ask Abby, and Dear Amy to the Jewish Daily Forward.

  • Out and Proud, or TMI? A different kind of advice columnist, Dan Savage, addresses the question of how out should out polys choose to be.

  • MTV’s hour-long documentary “I’m Polyamorous” turned out quite well, though one of the starring people gives us a behind-the-scenes account of how a lot of their best stuff got cut.

  • CNN treats polyamory as a real and significant alternative to monogamy in an article online and then on TV.

  • Poly Pride Day in New York — my report.

  • Win some, lose some, but gay marriage is coming. With settled, legally married pairs taking center stage, will the gay movement abandon its relationship radicals?

  • Plus print coverage from Britain, Poland, and Latin America — and watch TV news coverage from Canada, Spain, and France.

  • And more.


    Here's the site: Polyamory in the News ( The most recent 10 items are up front.

    Here are the July, August, and September archives.

    Here's where to sign up for the LJ friends feed. It's sometimes been slow to pick up new posts, so you might subscribe by a different feed instead.

    I've done 346 of these reports in the last four years. They're sorted in the archive by date, topic, and sometimes location. I hope you have as much fun browsing them as I did creating them!

    Happy November—


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