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Polyamory in the News

A hot new book matches poly to our evolved human nature. A legal scholar examines what will happen if poly is viewed as a sexual orientation. Get ready for “the new monogamy,” the coming term for non-monogamy. Stranger in a Strange Land redux. Great radio and TV. Conservatives flip out.

If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last four months (or subscribed to it by the LJ friends feed or other feed), here is some of what you missed:

  • Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality is the most important book for the poly movement in years. Read why, plus reviews and the authors’ condensation of the book for CNN: Sex at Dawn, New Culture, and the roots of polyamory (as I returned from New Culture Summer Camp), and Sex at Dawn and the future of the polyamory movement.

  • Objecting to “Polyamory Chic”: “There’s a strange whiff in the media air, a sort of polyamory chic in which liberally minded journalists, an aggregate mass of antireligious pundits and even scientists themselves have begun encouraging readers and viewers to use evolutionary theory to revisit and revise their sexual attitudes....” This on the Scientific American site.

  • Some great TV of a California triad raising their baby reaches a zillion viewers on TLC. Catch it in reruns.

  • A knockout interview with the couple running Loving More, and one of their thirds, airs on National Public Radio.

  • One of the few sociologists researching poly people talks about what she has found. “Polyamory works great for some people and is disastrous for others. Some find it an extremely fulfilling, liberating lifestyle based on really authentic, deep, emotionally intimate interactions, and are willing to put a lot of effort into that, because it is extremely time-consuming. It’s a lot of work. For others, it produces a lot of insecurity, jealousy, fighting. Some relationships break up....”

  • Creating poly-aware therapists, with new resources to give your shrink.

  • “The New Monogamy,” a phrase we first noticed five years ago, bodes to become the trendy term for open marriages. There’s a book in the works. Its author discusses the New Monogamy in a journal for psychotherapists, and polys discuss whether it would make equal sense to call meat-eaters The New Vegetarians.

  • My take on Deborah Anapol’s new book, Polyamory in the 21st Century. (Short version: thumbs up.)

  • And here is Anapol’s chapter, from 30 years of experience and observation, about the wide range of actual reasons why people choose to pursue a poly life.

  • Remember Stranger in a Strange Land? And Robert Heinlein’s other science fiction stories that galvanized a lot of people toward poly? I sure do. Heinlein himself was always a bit of a mystery. Now the first volume of his definitive biography has finally come out, giving me a hook to address the role of Heinlein and Stranger, starting almost 50 years ago, in growing the poly movement as it is today.

  • "Help, our daughter came out poly!" An advice columnist in a mainstream newspaper offers some good parent education about triad relationships.

  • Open relationships: “You get to make yourself stronger.”

  • Legal analysis of poly as a sexual orientation. Future discussions of this touchy topic will begin with this important paper.

  • "Cowboys and Injuries: When Monogamists Pursue the Polyamorous".

  • Radical/anarchist perspectives: “Is Polyamory Revolutionary? Rupturing the consumer myth through sexual liberation,” and others.

  • “Queer Polyamory for Lesbians”.

  • Wonder Woman's poly origin receiving more attention.

  • We're worse than Warren Jeffs! And we steal children and turn them into Janissaries! (look it up, or click through). There are conservatives who don’t like us.

  • Updates on the coming Canadian polygamy test case, in which the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association is intervening to try to decriminalize polyamory, polygamist cults aside. (BTW, they need donations.)

  • Plus poly news from Germany (lots of it), France, New Zealand, and China/Macau.


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    Happy September,


    P.S. Hope to see you at the Loving More retreat next weekend (Sept. 10-12 in upstate New York), or at the Poly Living Conference in Seattle (October 22-24).
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