Rowan (mzrowan) wrote in polyboston,

Poly Speed Dating

(Apologies to those who are seeing multiple postings about this.)

Poly Speed Dating is coming to Boston! This event originated in San Francisco as a way to make speed dating work for those of us whose identities and lives are a little more complicated than most speed dating events can handle. ;-) Our algorithm allows you to date as an individual or group, and to specify your gender(s) and the gender(s) of the people you're looking to meet.

Our first event will be April 26 at The Friendly Toast in Kendall Square, Cambridge. Registration is $12 in advance, or $15 at the door, and includes snacks and non-alcoholic drinks (we also have some scholarship spots available, so please contact us if the fee is an issue for you!). To find out more or register, go to !

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