August 30th, 2002

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Hello everyone!

Since I joined in here recently I thought I'd say hi and help get some posts going in here too.

I've identified as poly now for about 5 years or so but haven't had much chance to experience the goods and bads as I've been in a monogamous relationship for the last several years which recently ended (you can read my personal LJ post if you're more curious about details.)

I probably already know a couple of you in here (wave to cos who started this!).

So right now I'm out to hopefully meet some more people from this community and any others that happen to overlap.

So hi everyone! :)
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Cool! It's neat that this community board is starting to pick up. I'm Angel aka Angelover - I live in Nashua, but I come to Boston pretty frequently.. and I just don't know of a poly-nashua yet.. maybe I should start one, LOL. Well, I started the first NH munches for bdsm back in 95, so it's possible.

I'm 33, bi-F, been in the bdsm Scene for 12 yrs, poly (also for 12 yrs) and into new age stuff, mostly pagan. I enjoy vanilla partners as well as scene ones. Mildly kinky is good, too :) I don't need partners to be into new age stuff, but tolerant of my interests is good. I'm currently single, was divorced in 99. I have a couple casual partners but nothing really serious at the moment. I have a domestic partner and good friend (male) that I share a home and all income/debts with - have for 5 yrs, but we both know it's not permanent for many reasons. I would like to expand my dating circle and see what sparks might occur. I go through phases of being reclusive and needing alone time to develop my inner self and then being very social and needing to have contact and activity.. the phases last 6 mos to a year. I just started with the outgoing/social phase again in June after about 6 mos. off.

I've been really busy and social this summer attending events like Leather Retreat, Free Spirit Gathering, Starwood Festival, bi-camp, and this weekend - Erotic Haven.

One thing I'm really picky about for new potential partners is no smokers.. I'm really allergic to it and really like kissing so that's an issue to kiss someone who tastes like smoke. Smokers don't seem to realize that it comes out their pores and even if they wash and brush teeth, it's still there.. Ewww.. I don't mean to offend anyone, that's just a personal choice not to date smokers. I also saw my father (who was a heavy smoker) die of lung cancer.. so seeing someone I care about smoking gets to me on an emotional level, too.

hrm.. what else.. well - this.. Of all my orientations, the one I'm most shy about is being bi. I'm very femme looking so no one expects me to be and so I always have to be the one to approach.. it's not easy doing that if you're shy about it. I'm most afraid of rejection from women..

Oh dear.. I just reread this and it reads like a personal ad. I'm sorry.. I'm just looking to get out and date more.. Oh fuck.. that made it worse, didn't it. :P~~~

I hope I didn't offend anyone by posting this.
I'm considering deleting it, but that would be a waste of the time I took to write it.. soooooo..... I'll just send it..

embarrassed Angel
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The intro post.

Quite right.  *ahem*

My aaactual name is Christina, but online I frequently go by The Lady Tabitha.  Origins are shrouded in mystery!  Yes!  Anyways.  I'm 24, and have lived in Boston (or its outlying areas, same thing) since December of '99.  I've been in both monogamist and polyamorish relationships, but it's been only recently that I've "come out" as poly.  I amuse myself with that, because even though I'm bisexual (oh, I'm bi, by the way), I never "came out" as such, I just was.  So I'm getting the whole closet-egression thing with poly.  :)

I'm in a relationship with a giant panda bear wonderful man name of hawver, and I'm seeing two women right now.  He and I are very slowly getting into polyamory, as we figure it's better in the long run to go slowly than to go quickly and fuck things up.

What else does one put in an intro post??  Um... I'm an atheist, I'm bi, I've had three poly experiences (bad, good, good-so-far), and I share my life and bedding with one Magic, my 4-year-old black prettykitty.  I read like it was my job (mostly old science fiction and whatever non-fiction interests me at the moment), I like to dance (swing, club, '80s flailing), and I tend to vacillate between extraversion and introversion... and sometimes, plain old aversion.

I think that's it!  Check the bio for more!
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