September 12th, 2002


Better Times

Things seem to be smoothing out, a bit this morning. Q. came over last night with a lovely bunch of flowers and lots of hugs. We talked and snuggled and held hands as we fell asleep. Rather than avalanches, or earthquakes, or jellyfish and rocks throwing tigers, last nights episode included wrecking my friends Miata, and deciding I would have to sell my grandmothers diamond ring to afford paying for the damage.

A teary morning, with ensuing anxiety about Certain Old Baggage I can't seem to keep away from ripping the scab off of. But new shiny skin is there now, sensitive, but new, nonetheless. Q. stayed later than he usually does and comforted me with just the right words and touches, and my morning went relatively well.

I went walking this morning, and went to tour a new Work Out Facility near me, but I need to make an appointment for that, so I will go back again. Snarfed on a local produce Nectarine and had a mouth orgasm in so doing. Yum!

Deep Well has been pretty quiet the past few days, but I guess the New House Stuff is looming large, and I know how head-filling that can be. But, oh, the smile that he gave me in the kitchen the other night! My!!.....I saw something there that I had not seen before. And, I , um, *really* liked it. Q. thinks that it is only a matter of time and pathtreading until DW "runs at me like a mouse tearing into a bag of rice". That made me laugh. Things will follow the right course, and Deep Well keeps affirming "Let the Way Be Open".

Skydancer and Pan and I had a wonderful phone talk yesterday. I was full of heart to hear that Pan is really intending to keep his connection with Q. strong and full and alive. I am having some *very* frubbly feelings about the two of them! And, also, about Q. and Skydancer. I felt so comfortable and happy the other night after dinner as Q. sat with Skydancer and ran his hands through her hair and touched her so gently. Big Poly Smiles on my face.

Hee hee.

Off to work on my stained glass Magic Door project!!!