September 21st, 2002


So, Like, It's Supposed to be Fall.....

Sitting here listening to vintage Sarah Vaughn (and very glad I got to see her at Symphony Hall before she slipped the mortal sheath) and I am actually SWEATING. So, lemmie get this straight: Snow in May and this hot in mid-September? Zheeezh. I need it to be fall. I love fall. Fall loves me. We're a happy family. 'Sides, DeepWell tells me he wants us to be "like a sunday in Autumn".

(commence wobbly knees)

I received a gift in the mail yesterday. DeepWell asked me if I liked surprises. I answered that as long as they did not involve owing money to the government, having to clean my house to feel presentable, or a pink stripe on a test strip I don't want to take, yeah, I like most surprises. He said it might clean the house. Heh.

What came was a cd of his recording over 30 minutes of music, live, For Julia. Wonderful music. Right Smack Dab in the Middle of Profound.

I am someplace with this that I do not recognize. I have never been here before. I feel both sane, and am also aware that my heart could explode at any moment.
Sorta like squeezing love out of a toothpaste tube. Slowly. Very. Like tripping your wet finger around the rim of a crystal wine glass. When you build just the right tension and momentum, the most wonderful resonance evolves.

This, to me, is how I feel today about DW.