September 24th, 2002


Better Late Than Never

Weekend Update:

The trip to the White Mountains was really nice. The drive up went quickly, as they almost always do with Q. and I talking and listening to music and just *being*.

Me: "I don't think I can make it all the way till we get there"

Q: "Well, there is a rest stop ahead, if you need to pee."

Me: "Ah, no, um, I mean, ah...I need to make out with you Very Soon"

Pull over into rest stop. Kissyface and grope whilst leaning against car for many minutes. Much better. That's what he *gets* for putting Fiona Apple on the cd player. Hee.

Arrive at B and B. Tres Nice. Get tour of place. Find room. King size iron bed (yum), fireplace (woulda been yum 'cept for the heat), jaccuzzi (tres yum)...ditch the hosts and run back to the room and tear into one another for about half an hour. Realize it is about 4:00 and wanna go check out alleged "shops" in town before they close. Readjust Bulgig Bits in pants and Reluctantly haul off the bed and out the door.

Shopping is fun! Found some really cool shops with Hippy Stuff in them. And, ah, OoooohUndergroundheadshop stuffs...and, toys and lubes and..Yohimbe!!! Yipee!!!

Find AWESOME photography site: old building, abandoned, barn, frist mill, rocks...river. I spontaneously shed my clothing (surprising Q. in a Very Nice Way) and we commence a wonderful shoot with me in the open basement floor amongst huge beams and brick columns, old wooden staircases, lying down in the dirt on the threshold of the door that leads to the river, thistle bushes surrounding me. Wonderful Art Moment.

Grab apples, and veggie salad and oatmeal cookies and seltzer and run back to The Big Bed. Noshing commences. Followed by Exquisite Weasel Rutting, followed by...South Park...followed by More Weasel Rutting....followed by "I love Lucy" followed by Nuclear Weasel Rutting. (Yeah G-spots!!!)

Haul out of bed next morning with hip dysplasia and smiles abundant. Good breakfast. Back to town to hit hippy shop again. (dude!! awesome stuff in there!)

Have not so fun discussion about monogamy/poly Stuff AGAIN. Grrrr.

Drive home again....nice long trip. Cook up some edamame and a stir fry of tempeh, peppers, mushrooms and onion, watch some Stupid TV and ah...Back Up to Bed guessed it!

More Wonderful Sex!!!

Ain't Love Grand?!