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poly boston's Journal
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Monday, March 10th, 2003

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for some Poly People Contact...

So I've *finally* gotten around to reading THE ETHICAL SLUT *lol* and im finding that a lot of what it says in there mirrors my own personal explorations/decisions etc... More than halfway through the book and nothing really earth shattering yet. So anyway it did get me thinking about My Needs and wether or not they are being met... and i realized they weren't. Well, not completely. Sex isn't the issue... its rather easy to find. I mean c'mon Im a Queer guy who prefers Sex with Men *wink*... but where i find my needs not being met is in the relationship side of things...

So on that note i decided to start seeking out other poly people to see what happens... in search of friends and more...

so where do poly peeps hang in the boston area??

Current Mood: awake

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