April 1st, 2003


Sunday, April 20, 10:00AM, Pancakes, and lots of them

So, last year Jillian and I had this little pancake breakfast here at our place. We invited a few people over to share in some good community spirit, and enjoy the season's fresh, liquid gold. Of course, what wound up happening, was a raucous gathering of 45 or so people which had me gleefully slinging pancakes for about 3 hours, thunderous applause as I finally sat down to consume the final batch, and gaming through the afternoon and into the waning hours of the night.

So....anybody wanna do it again?

**********Announcing: Pancakes II: Revenge of the Sirp********

Below follows (almost exactly) the text from last year's invite. Please note that there will definitely be vegan pancakes, although there will not be kosher pancakes as this is going to be during Pesach which means that my observant Jewish friends will not be eating leavening. Suggestions of other kosher foods I could prepare are heartily encouraged. (And no, I will not be preparing bacon-wrapped scallop omlettes with chedar cheese.)

So, we're going to host another pancake breakfast. What I'll be providing is this: pancakes, I promise there'll be plenty. There will be plain pancakes, likely some fresh fruit to go into the pancakes if you'd like, probably some walnuts, pecans, or almonds too. There will be REAL
butter provided (margerine too if you are vegan). I will also be providing PURE VERMONT MAPLE SYRUP (or "sirp" if you're actually from Vermont). If you need any of that store-bought, corn syrup stuff, you're on your own. I'll also provide orange juice, 2% milk, and a tea assortment. If you want coffee, I have recently purchased a Mr. Coffee-type drip coffee maker and can now brew some of that. I'll get some decent beans. We have tons of dining room space, and really lots of room in the kitchen if you want to kibitz a bit. (Just remember, I am the chef, but if you require your stuff prepared a certain way, I am willing to listen to your needs.) Jillian will do most of the hosting, I'll be sure the kitchen doesn't burn down.

When: Sunday, April 20 at 10:00AM. At 6PM we're likely to conscript anyone who is left here to help clean up. (We're likely to break out the board games at some point for a planned, impromptu game party. Better bring yours.)

Where: Our place in Jamaica Plain (please write for directions so we can get an advanced idea of the head count. If you've been here before, please still RSVP.) Don't worry, we're very T accessible. Also, TONS of off-street parking.

Warnings: We live in old museum, please be respectful of the antiques around. We have no cats, but we do have a small dog. He's pretty social and will likely want to greet everyone. Not only is there no smoking allowed in the house, there is actually no smoking allowed NEAR the
house, which means the porch and any covered areas. If you'd like to smoke, you'll have to do it in the driveway. Please bear that in mind during inclement weather. We don't mind children in the house at all, but it is far from child-proof. This likely includes copious amounts of lead paint. Please be aware!

I think that covers everything. Please write me with any questions. Hope to see you there!
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