May 31st, 2003

  • kai_

From Kansas to Boston

Hey, I'm thinking about relocating to Boston from Kansas.

I don't really know anyone out there, but know *of* some people out there.

Will be looking at places that are safe/cheap to live in, am willing to set up house with poly people. Otherwise I'm wanting to live on my own.

I have a cat, and won't get rid of him.

Otherwise, it's just me. Looking for large studio or 1 br, or shared house arrangement with mature, honest, poly/poly-friendly people.

I'm a social worker, probably getting a job with Healthcare Fianancial Inc. ( Just finished my Master's. Want to get a Phd eventually in policy, social work, or public admin.

My best guess is that I'll get a salary around 30K.

If you're interested in chatting, my contact info is on my user page, and my journal is public, so feel free to read/contact me if you have pointers, etc.

Thanks all!