October 25th, 2003

  • skitten

new to this community.....

And I've joined because?
My love and I are thinkign of moving to the Boston area.
t's still in the think about it and plan stages- We would like a place that is affordable, within an hour of Boston, not too far from a decent school district (I will like to get a teaching job. and with reasonable propects for a computer programmer.

I think we need all the advice we can get- We met some great people at a party last weekend (while we were visiting someone in Boston area) and that was also a gentle shove in the Boston direction....

Any information we can get would be appreciated... btw: How would I get a decent map of the area and a phone book?

We couldn't help but notice when we were there how confusing Boston proper is street-wise... I know one of the biggest difficulties for me as a somewhat geographically challenged individual will be learning how to get around without getting lost. Another will be leaving behind friends that I dearly love in an area I consider my home right now.... but I can't surive financially anymore....
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