March 23rd, 2004


New here

Hello everyone.

My name is Mallory. I'm 18, 19 in September. I live in Rhode Island (oh boy, heh).

I am Bisexual and Poly.

I'm looking forward to meeting fairly local polys, like myself.

Maybe even find a second partner.

My current (and very new) partner is from PA. I will be seeing him soon. Whee!


There are pictures of myself on my user info, if you are interested.

Have a good day! ^_^
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New here, sort of...

I actually joined this community about a month ago but only started seeing it show up on my friends page a couple of days ago. Anyhoo, I am 31, bisexual, Pagan, Goth writer who might be poly. I was kind of hoping people here could give me advice on how one figures it out. Have you always known? Was there a defining moment? I have been in open relationships of various sorts over the years but never one where anyone actually identified as poly. I have also been in completely commited relationships and honestly have not been very good at it. Though women seem to be my weakness which then leads me to wonder if I am a lesbian but that is a whole different discussion. Well hopefully I don't sound like a compleat fruitcake and I would appreciate it if anyone has the time to share their thoughts and personal experiences with me. Cheers!

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From The Eyes of a Child

New To Boston!

I'm moving to Boston on Monday from Hartford. I'm currently single, queersexual, genderqueer, kinky, pagan, activist, artist. I'm female bodied, and 23 years old.

I'm looking for friends, play partners (I'm a switch), and local relationships of any possible outcome. Gender isn't important to me although I tend not to date people who identify as straight.

I really would love to make some new friends in the area!
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