May 1st, 2004



so, who am I?

a 31 year old male, currently living in mid to northern iraq, nearest major town is called tikrit.

Why am I here?

I work her for the next 10 months or so . . . army stuff.

Oh, you mean why am I on this list, and posting now?

Heh, I'm a poly guy.

I'm involved with two beautiful women, or, as involved as I can be while here.

I love them both, I'm in love with them both, and both with me.

I consider them both to be my primary.

Biggest issue I have right now is not thinking the world is out to get me. See, I have lost big time at love, once in a divorce that almost ended with me dead by my own hands.

I just think the world wants to throw monkey wrenches at me until I am black and blue (but that's for another community).

I know none of that is true.

I'm looking forward to meeting the poly boston community when I come home. Maybe by then, I will have figured out more about myself, what I want, what I need, and just who the hell I am.

thanks for listening . . .