May 4th, 2004


this is where I want to be

Like when I came to Wicca, I didn't have a name for feelings I had had for a while.

This, compersion, is what I am aiming for . . .

My biggest fear, is fear of losing the good love I have in my life.
My biggest challenge, is to remember that I talk a good talk about love multiplying.
Now I will have to walk it.

It may not be an issue yet.

But it IS something I need to get to. Not work on it, so much as live the questions it asks. And, then, in time, live my way into the answer.

I wouldn't have found the webpage if it weren't for looking at interests on the polyboston profile. Glad I did.

I'm next going to read the article on jealousy.

I'm familiar, oh so familiar with that. And I don't want to be that way anymore, because that was a bad time in my life when all I had was jealousy.

My divorce has made me very afraid.

It is time I stopped using that as an excuse for not trying to be a better person at this love thing.