June 8th, 2004


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Does anyone know of a self insurance program to cover mental health issues?
Also, I saw a post earlier about poly friendly counseling in the greater boston area . . . someone want to repost that?
Because I know the army tricare program DOESN'T without a diagnosis, which then puts my clearance, and, hence, my job, in jeopardy.

I don't understand why the military makes seeking out help a stigma . . .
Army life being among the most stressful careers in the world . . .

Nothings wrong with me, just sometimes a therapist helps me figure out me better.

Poly Queer Women's Social at the Diesel

There's a poly queer women's social this Wednesday night at the Diesel Cafe in Somerville (Davis Square), 7-9pm. If you'd like to attend, but don't think you know anyone who would be attending, leave a comment here so that I can get in touch with you about how to recognize me. Hope to see you there; we should have a large group this month!

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You know I had a thought yesterday driving around town that got me thinking. I was just driving along and suddenly the whole notion of same sex marriage popped in my mind. Now stay with me here, I usually get a little annoyed when I think about people trying to block two people from standing up in front of friends and family and saying I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I mean why do they care. so I started to go through my normal train of thought and then stumbled onto a new thought. What if three people wanted to get married? Or four or five or six? do you see where I'm going here? The big debate right now is the question of whether marriage is strictly between a man and a woman? But like everything else, I don't think we have really blown this picture up enough to see it in its entirety.

I mean, I am sure that there is a triad out there that would get married at the drop of a hat if they were allowed to, so then shouldn't the question of marriage be expanded to all alternative lifestyles? Why shouldn't poly folk have the right to spend a butt load of money and say I do?

Just wondering what others thought about this.