June 22nd, 2004

From The Eyes of a Child

Are You Free Friday Night?

Ready for a little fun this Friday night? You know you are!


Friday June 25, 7:30pm
$10 sliding scale

Here's the deal. In a week I move to the third floor which will be the home of many more parties and potential play space and well, one doesn't become a pornstar overnight so I need your help!

We'll have the living room set up with scrabble, cards, games, movies, general chill space. Some food and drinks will be provided but feel free to add to the mix and show off your cooking tallents. There will be another room available for people who want to play so bring your toys and slaves. Safer sex supplies will be provied. I want everyone to be comfortable and have fun (though remember my current place isn't huge).

So come to be social or come to play! Just come!!! I promise it'll be fabulous! RSVP for directions and so I have an idea of how many people will be attending.
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In my day...

there were some things that simply WERE NOT DONE. Fucking with a man's ride was one of them. Apparently this is not the case today, at least not in Davis Square.

I left work late, around 1815h, tired and hungry from missing lunch two days in a row due to broken things at work. Rode over to the Diesel to hang out, parking in the normal spot right in front, in plain sight. Had a coffee and some little conversation, then went down the street to get some dinner.

Returning to my bike after dinner, maybe an hour later, I immediately notice two things:

  1. there is some bird shit or something on the pillion pad of my nice vinyl touring saddle, and
  2. some fuckwit has chosen to decorate my bike with marker, creating a design around the bird shit and connecting the dots

As the bike was parked right in front of the Diesel's great big glass door, I went inside to ask if anyone had seen this happen, or noticed anyone hanging around my bike out front. Of course, no one had.

I am posting here to serve a few purposes:

  • to inform others that your ride is not safe in Davis Square on a public street in broad daylight,
  • to request that anyone who may have seen this happen let me know, and
  • to solicit suggestions for removing black magic marker from black vinyl.

EDIT: I did manage to get the marker cleaned off, so I am all set with that now.
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