June 30th, 2004


big bucks for de-flea-ing my daddy's kitty

urgent request:

my parents need someone to give our family cat a flea bath. they adopted him from someone who never handed over vet records (and they've since moved away) so no groomer will take him but i assure you he is pretty docile and never bites.

they need to take him to the vet (for more extreme anti-flea meds) but they can't 'cause he's got fleas right now. they just need someone willing to travel to our house (south shore ish area, about 45 minutes south of boston) who can be gentle and do a thorough job.

he'll pay $100 for a house call.

if you know of *anyone* qualified to do this please e-mail me immediately. ideally this person would be able to come down on thursday, friday or saturday. feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who'd be qualified.

send e-mail to:
dykeprincess at gmail dot com
if you have my number you can call me there too