July 12th, 2004


do your fish need more bicycles?

Does anyone even remember the old feminist posters, "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle?" It's time for me to sell my old bicycle. It's a perfectly rideable bike, but *I* can't ride it anymore, and I'd rather not be taking it all over town to offer it to a total stranger unless I really have to.

This is a Schwinn Woodlands hybrid -- it has upright handlebars and broad, sturdy tires like a mountain bike, but no active suspension. It's great for commuting or recreation, so I thought somebody in Davis Square might have a use for it, what with the bikeway being nearby, and so many folks getting by without cars. This bike isn't really designed for extensive off-road use, but it doesn't need to go around potholes, not even the monsters in Belmont. Wire baskets on the back fold flat, or open to hold 2 big grocery bags (or you can take them off with a wrench.) The frame was a perfect fit for someone 5'8", and would probably be good for most people 5'5"-5'10".

It's in pretty good condition. You can ride it away, and it will be good for another 10 years if you take care of it. Scratches and paint chips, have been primed so they won't rust. If you want a nice-looking bike, it's easy enough to paint it. (Touching up the original blue, or some other color if you prefer.) Some people think nice paint makes a bike a target for thieves...I guess it depends where you're leaving it. I don't have a picture or a camera, but I'd be happy to meet with interested people in Davis Square or Arlington and show you the bike. Interested people elsewhere would be more of a challenge.

This bike was very good for me, for many years. I'm getting rid of it now because it has become clear to me that a hand injury is never going to heal well enough for me to ride again. Having the bike sit in my little apartment and *tempt* me is just driving me nuts. I'm asking $60 for the bike, including a kryptonite cable lock, and the baskets. Contact me through LJ, or at adrian_turtle@hotmail.com
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