July 28th, 2004

Just a pirate chasing booty

24 Y/O Guy from Providence, RI

Hello everybody!!

My fiancee and I just ventured into the world of polyamory.

I was wondering - where would I go to find / meet a potential girlfriend?

I am 24 and I live in the Federal Hill section of Providence. (There were no Poly Prov communities)

I am easy going and fun to be around --- I enjoy playing video games, driving around, and just hanging out with friends.
I like to drive up to New Hampshire and take in the sights --- and the occasional "deer run".

My ideal girl is someone who would not be afraid to date a almost-married guy - but I figured none of you would have a problem with that.
And someone that would (hopefully!) get along well enough with my fiancee that they would be on a friendly basis.
I want someone who doesn't mind talking about nothing at all - or will sit and play XBox with me and the guys - a girl who could hold her liquor would be a plus (my fiancee rarely drinks)...

If anyone is interested in getting to know me --- or knows a friend ---
or can make any suggestions...
I'd appreciate it...