August 7th, 2004


Well, well, well. It has been a starge trip, all thise home searching, my sweeties and friends. Today I looked at an absolutely delightful walk-in closet renting for $1100 (mind you, it had a working fireplace, but little room for anything else), and after that two very scary looking places in Brighton which I won't try to describe here.

How does it come to this? I mean, I'm forty, high-spirited, financially solid, and all that good stuff! All I need is a place to live that actually looks and feels like a place that is livable. A place I can call home for at least the next two years. A place that I can be cozy about.

So I have done some soul-searching and have come to the conclusion that maybe what I really need are some housemates. Preferably housemates with whom I can see eye-to-eye and who won't freak out if they see more than one sweetie sharing a candlelit dinner with me, and who will more likely ask if they can come to that lively Beltane Faerie ritual as opposed to crossing themselves and clutching a rosary.

Housemates who are fairly neat, and responsible about things like paying bills on time and cleaning out the catbox when the need arises. Housemates who like things like books, herb gardens, handicrafts, Occasional shared cooking, and maybe some witchcraft.

Any ideas about where I can go to find such like minded people? I am already on the Maldenish list. I guess I am just trying to say that if you happen to know of anyone who is looking for a good housemate, I'm all ears!