November 3rd, 2004


queer girl + critters seek housing

Hi, I’m a stable 25 year old grad student looking to move somewhere on the red line or in Watertown. I'm also willing to consider places near bus routes with stops at places similar to the red line.

I’m hoping to move into a household of interesting, friendly, open minded, and easy going folks.

I’d like to think I’m at least as mature as most people my age. I’m friendly and have a good sense of humor. I’m tidy in common areas. In my spare time, I enjoy pursuing various crafts, cooking tasty tidbits to share, and indulging my shameless obsession with pop culture.

Things I really need my living space to include are:
A year round parking space
A semi-quiet time when I can study
Some place near the outside of the house where I can store a tupperware container full of hay (for the bunny, obviously)
Internet of some sort
Critter friendliness or (at least) toleration
at least a medium sized room
a bit of storage space

Things I’d like, but are not absolutely necessary, include:
Washer / dryer
Wireless internet

I guess I should also say that I have two cats and a bunny. However, they are all very friendly, mellow, and non-destructive. They get groomed (nails clipped and hair brushed) every week. Their litter boxes are frequently changed.

Did I mention that I have excellent housing references? I’m also willing to put forward the ever-popular security deposit to cover the cost of any theoretical damage my cats will not inflict on your living space.

I'm currently living in the Boston metro area, and my move date is flexible.

Feel free to leave a comment in my livejournal. My contact info is also on the userinfo page.

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