January 27th, 2005

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East Meets West Bowling Update

When: Saturday, 5 Feb 2005, 2 PM
Where: Northampton Bowl, 525 Pleasant St., Northampton MA (see below for directions)
What: Lots of poly people wearing dumb shoes and bending over a lot. ;)
Why: Because we're all so damned cool. *nod*

This will be a child-friendly event (yes, your benevolent disOrganizer can't find a sitter...) and at least one lane will be set up with the bumpers for the bowling-challenged (hi xauenmurph!) and the very small. I'd like to get a rough head count so I can warn them how many are coming, though when I spoke to the manager he said that 3-4 lanes at that time of day would be no trouble at all. (RSVPs to the address in my userinfo, por favor.) Carpooling is strongly encouraged (and that goes for locals, too.)


From Rt. 91: Get to 91N or S as appropriate, take exit 18 either way. Turn left at the end of the ramp onto 5N, and the bowling alley is on your left immediately after you go through the old dike. (Easiest route from Boston area is probably the pike to exit 4 and pick up 91N there, or Rt. 2W to 91S if you want to be different.)

From Northampton center: Take Pleasant St/Rt. 5S from the center to the edge of town. Bowling alley is on your right just after Conz St.

Via PVTA: Anybody who's stuck Pushing Virgins Towards Amherst, meet at the Academy of Music stop and I'll ferry you the rest of the way. (The Florence, Holyoke and Amherst routes all stop there.) Please please please especially email an RSVP if you need ferrying.

If I left your point of origin off, please post a very hurt reply to this message and I will hand-carve your personal directions on a block of wood and lob 'em at you. ;)

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