April 13th, 2005


Seeking living space

I am a 46-year-old high school History teacher looking for a room in a house or apartment.

(I am not nearly as boring as I sound. Really).

Things you want to know:

Drug, disease and smoke-free. Poly/kink friendly. (Hmm, that probably goes to say since I am posting here.)

I teach from September at June, and I expect to be working in Boston during the summer.

I like cats and dogs but I do not want to have one own me. ;)

I have a black pickup truck, available to my roommates on occasion.

Currently separating, no drama. Might be permanent, mght not.

I like good beer and good coffee.

Things I'd like in a place.

In order of importance:

Available between June and July for relatively permanent residency.

In Somerville, Medford or Cambridge.

Non-smoking (inside) .

10 minutes or less, by foot, to the nearest T station. (I might go to 15).

A high-speed Internet connection.

Friendly, relatively sane roommates.

My own space and nice common space.

Driveway parking (not a requirement).

Contact me privately at billtoscano@comcast.net

Check my LJ if you'd like, for common friends.