June 9th, 2005

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Pride Parade March?

I just checked and was thrilled to see that Poly Boston (or some subset) is marching in the Pride parade this weekend. Does anyone know who's spearheading or coordinating this? I'm thinking of marching.
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See also the Poly Boston Calendar web page, good for all sorts of useful events, but since people have asked (and my apologies for not posting this here earlier):

Tue., June 11, 2005: 10:00am-noon — Pre-Pride brunch

Every year before Pride the Boston Bisexual Women’s Network hosts a pre-Pride brunch. (You don’t have to be bi to attend, just bi-friendly.) This is upstairs at the Community Church of Boston at 565 Boylston Street in Copley Square. The BBWN requests a $5-15 sliding-scale donation, and it’s always worth it. This is a great place to meet up with other Poly Boston (or Biversity Boston) marchers before the march. Jay will be there.

Tue., June 11, 2005: noon-6pm — Boston Pride march and festival

Poly Boston will be marching in this year’s Pride Parade! Come join us and celebrate! Keep an eye on the mailing list for details about how to find our contingent (or find us at the brunch well before noon). Also, we’ll be staffing a table at the festival after the march, so that’s a great place to come hang out — usually, we’ve got a canopy so there’s shade and there are lots of people hanging out on the grass.


I will be finding out tomorrow (theoretically by email) where the group is actually meeting up, but it's in the neighborhood of Copley, as that is where the parade kicks off from, and I will post it here when I find out, as well as making an announcement to the announce list. People who need to get hold of me for this purpose may message me via my LJ info page with their phone numbers and I will call you, or may email me with their phone numbers and I will call you (which is good if you do it soon; not so good if you do it the day of the march, as I will not be email enabled most of the day, I suspect).

The group is asked to get together at 11am, as the organizers wish to actually start at noon. Plan your day accordingly :-)