June 10th, 2005


Pride March lineup!!

First off, Pride is on Saturday, June 11th, not on Tuesday June 11th (because June 11th is a Saturday, not a Tuesday). Sorry for any confusion-this is what I get for blindly cutting and pasting.


Your group will stage in:
Section G
on Fairfield Street, between Boylston Street and Newbury Street

We are group 8 and are between The Thistle and the Stonewall Warriors as follows:

G 7 The Thistle
G 8 Poly Boston
G 9 Peoples Rights Fund - Stonewall Warriors

Note that this does not necessarily mean we are not marching with Biversity/BRC; the groups are staged onto the parade route in groups from the various sections, and we may be moved on before or after the BRC group. Or not, we'll see.

See you tomorrow!!