March 13th, 2006

Me: freshly shaved at butterfly exhibit

Spring Flower Show outing Sunday the 19th at 1:00pm

A couple years ago a friend invited me to the Mass Horticultural Society’s spring flower show, and I had a great time, so I thought this time I would organize a Poly Boston expedition to go see it. The show is at the Bayside Expo Center (directions) in Boston, at the JFK/UMass stop on the Red Line, and we'll be meeting outside the entrance at 1:00.

Full price admission is $20. (There are discounts available, e.g., for seniors and students.)

Email me or comment here to let me know if you plan on attending. (It's fine to just show up, but if you email me I'll know to expect you, and I'll give you my cell number in case you have trouble finding us.)

I had a great time last time I went to this, and I hope some of you can join me!

See folks on Sunday!

PS -- I'm not 100% sure, but I think you have to be on a Braintree train to get off at JFK/UMass, although it doesn't look that way on the MBTA's site. Can somebody confirm or deny this? I am reliably informed that both Ashmont and Braintree Red Line trains stop at JFK/UMass.