April 11th, 2006

Pi-Con 2006

I've somehow found myself enlisted as the Panelist Coordinator for Pi-Con 2006, a new science-fiction convention that will be taking place August 11-13th, in West Springfield in Pioneer Valley.

So... I've got about 100 hours of available panel time, give or take a bit. I'm looking for folks who are interested in participating on (or moderating) panels on everything from Science and Technology to Media to Lifestyles to Writing to Gaming to... well, I'm open for ideas at this point.

I'm going to be trying to tag a couple of you directly, as I know you've done this kind of thing before. But if you've always thought "I would love to talk about (Firefly, Comic Art, LARP vs Tabletop, Women in Gaming, Media Tie In Novels, Alternate Sexuality, The Use of Myth in Sci-fi, Anime for Dummies, fill in the blank with your favorite rant here)", I may have just the opportunity for you to do so.

If anyone's interested and available, I can offer free memberships for the weekend for those who can commit to 3 panels/demos/workshops (so a 3 hour commitment over the weekend). Alternately, if you just come for the one thing you're teaching, of course, there's no fee. But you will want to come and participate in the whole event, because it's going to be GREAT!

Did I mention that Jacqueline Carey is the Writing Guest of Honor? And that Voltaire is the Musical Guest of Honor? How's that for a first year Con?

Please feel free to write me at "piconpanels at gmail dot com" if you're interested in participating in these, or any other panels, or if you'd just like information about registering to attend as a guest.

Also, we've created an LJ community "pi_con"! Feel free to come join, ask questions, offer advice- We'd love to have you!


Jess Hartley
Panelist Coordinator - Pi-Con 2006