May 10th, 2006

Quilt Brandi&Tom

Pride Parade is *on*

This morning I mailed the PolyBoston entry into the Boston Pride Parade and Festival (June 10th, 2006), in order to comply with the deadline before late fees apply.

I am still collecting donations towards the entry fee of $385, as thus far I have pledges and collected cash amounting to $280 (including mine).

Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far (I'll be naming names at a later date, usually after Pride - if you'd rather not be included let me know, please?) Thanks also to all the folks who have let me know they'll be marching or that they're willing to table; I will be posting information here about scheduling, as well as posting on the mailing list. Plan is for two hour shifts starting at noon (the parade starts at noon also, for those planning to march).


[ETA: Thanks to the Bisexual Resource Center for sponsoring us under their 501(c)3 certificate, without which we wouldn't be able to afford this at all]