May 13th, 2006


We are *in* the Parade!

We (PolyBoston) are, in fact, *in* the Parade and Festival; I got the confirmation email this morning. We should appear on the web page Real Soon Now, according to the organizers; look here to see our name in lights, so to speak.

Thanks to all the people who have volunteered to table; I'll be making up a roster sometime in the upcoming week (I *intend* to start this weekend. We'll see how that goes). To anyone who was feeling like volunteering - come on down!! Tabling is a group activity, and the more people at our table, the more folks we'll attract *to* our table.

If you are planning to march, thanks to you as well!! Marching, obviously, is *even more* of a group activity; we're never a *big* group, but with more people, we can obviously have more impact. Moreover, marching does not rule out tabling; the Festival lasts until 6pm, and the march usually ends around 2 or 2:30, if I'm remembering correctly from previous years. So you'll get your chance there as well.

I always enjoy the whole Pride experience; it's fun every year. I look forward to seeing folks there!