May 16th, 2006

shake master

Today's social at the Diesel

Well, I hadn't planned on attending, yet again, until this latest bruhaha broke out. So, I shall be in attendence, with my Poly Boston t-shirt on, and a parrot pinned to my shoulder. Feel free to send the clueless and/or newcomers my way. I am sure there will be others who can field inquiries, as well, but I'm offering myself up as a magnetic point.
shake master

Passing the hat

So, given the tumult of the day, and also given the strain on the staff of the Diesel that we normally give, and given that today's chaos has added to that strain, I am going to be picking up a card that I am going to be passing around our little club. I am going to drop a medium-sized bill in the card and sign my thanks. If you like going to the Diesel, and you like that they're largely very tolerant of us, I would encourage you to add your signature to the card, at least, and maybe add something to the pot if your able.


For those not attending but wishing to donate via paypal, send donations to paulo at a q dot org. I will donate your amount minus paypal fees if it gets too steep.

Gah, Please, not more...

As if our fabulous press weren't 'fun' enough, Poly is being blasted right now on our unfriendliest conservative LOCAL 96.9 "FMTalk" station on the L a u r a I n g r a m (deliberate mispelling)show. It's a good guess that some choice commentary, and come on, a reference to that H- article, will appear on her blasted website soon enough.

Pretty amusing listening to them stumble all over with the term, but we've been entirely equated to swingers and 'omnivorousness' already. With the predictable "deterioration of 'merican values" prattle... Guess we're the comic relief for last night's speech hotbed.

I'll be listening to hear whether the article and a certain location get brought up. The heads-up came to her via an email about some Seattle article..
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