June 1st, 2006


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So Brandi and I went to the Marshal's meeting this evening. Little has changed if all you are is a marching group (much has changed if you're a vehicle or a float group - bad year to be doing that for the first time, only because of many new regulations dropped in by the fine City of Boston.

But nevermind that. We've now completed truly everything except the actual marching; financially we've also gotten a nice contribution from Family Tree, my thanks to them for their generosity. (They also sent flyers. Aren't they sweet!) Unfortunately, the Pride Committee are unwilling to give out march locations until the day before the march (something about not wanting to create a market for spots (Apparently in previous years groups have traded spots, ruining a carefully thought out plan for where sound will and will not be, and what politicians will go in what precedence order, stuff like that)).

For those of you who haven't marched in Pride before, there are some simple rules for marchers. The most important is No Nudity. "Nudity" is defined by the City of Boston in fairly specific terms (see the link below for the definition - it's in the Handbook), but basically I feel like I can ask people to use their good judgement. Neither I nor the Pride Committee endorse the City's definition, but we do have to obey it.

When I find out what out marching position will be, I will post here and on the polyboston announce list. If anyone doesn't read those, then first, it's unlikely you are going to get this message :-), and second, let me know now how I ought to reach you, and I will let you know personally. Be aware that **THE MARCH WILL GO ON RAIN OR SHINE**.

The March staging plan (places reserved for line up before the March starts) is online at http://www.bostonpride.org/parade.php#handbook; read that and you know as much as I do (it's a PDF; the setup is on page 11).

The Pride Committee organizers expect some form of marching group to be present at our assigned staging area around 11am; Brandi and I will be there, and I will try to remember to bring water and sunscreen, as that was a deficit last year. Don't count on me - bring your own. Bring a hat; rain or shine, you'll need one. Bring the kids by all means.

I will be sending periodic reminders, including one per day the last couple/three days before the march. I apologize if it gets obnoxious, but not very much. I really want to see a great turnout both for us and for the Parade and Festival in general!

See you at Pride!