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poly boston's Journal
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Friday, June 23rd, 2006

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Newbie to the group, more or less
I have a question, I was wondering if some one could help me out. I went to a Diesel Cafe gathering quite some time back, around the end of '04. But due to a relatively high amount of craziness in my life, I didn't get around to attending after that. (I heard second hand about the dubious publicity a while back, but it sounds from the posts I'm reading here, that nothing too much came of it.) Said craziness has turned me into something of a hermit, and now I'd like to resusitate currently-on-life-support social life. So I was hoping to make it to the Diesel Cafe for socialising more often, get to know some like-minded folks.

So, my question is "is there a mailing list that announces when there is a get together?"

I went to the website, but the link for the mailing list isn't working. Failing a mailing list, is there an established day/time to be making it out there? I'm in Natick, so the Diesel Cafe is a wee bit of a hike. :)

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