February 9th, 2007


OT: Diving into the ocean tomorrow for Special Olympics

OK, so I am probably gonna ease me way in and dunk my head rather than dive, but still, it ain't the big hot tub at Urban Oasis.

OK, one last plea for a Passion Plunge donation.

I dive into Massachusetts Bay at 1 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) for the Passion Plunge, which benefits Massachusetts Special Olympics

Things have suddenly gotten interesting.

Turns out my students have been sandbagging me.

I am currently leading my four students by about $380, but one of them tells me she has about $300 in donations she has not recorded yet, and my National Honro Society president just smiles at me when I ask how much he has gotten.

Please go here, which is our team page. In the lower right, you may choose to donate to the team, one of the kids or me.

Here’s the deal, if they beat me, something is going to happen to my hair. It might be blue. I might not have any.

If I win, well, my hair stays the same.

Please help if you can.

Oh, Weather report: OK, so it may get up to 33 degrees, but the water temperature is at 45 degrees, the surf is rough, and the winds are at 30 mph. No stroll in the park.

Thanks for anything you can do.