February 19th, 2007


Monthly PB Dinner At Bertucci's, 2/26

Monday February 26, 7:00pm — Monthly Dinner at the Alewife Bertucci's

Our fearless leader beowabbit is on vacation in the tropics (poor guy), so I'm taking over his monthly Poly-Boston dinner at Bertucci's/Alewife, and you're invited. :-)

We'll meet for dinner at the Bertucci's Pizzeria at the Alewife T station. The restaurant is in the T station building itself, and there's ample parking nearby. The restaurant is wheelchair-accessible. They usually seat us at one long table by the far wall, but we're generally a big group and hard to miss. First-timers always welcome.

Please RSVP to moonstonewater at yahoo dot com by the day before (Sunday) if possible, or you can just reply here. (They don't take reservations, but they do have "call-ahead seating", so I'll call and tell them how many people to expect.)

Hope you can join us!