July 2nd, 2007


Germ Alert

If you don't feel like eating, go to bed. Especially if you recently attended a large party.

I'm sick. Last night I assumed it was some minor opportunistic infection I got from working too many hours. I called in to work today, though, and my boss immediately called me back to warn me that my co-worker (a nurse) had been so sick over the weekend she ended up in the ER. So if you've been smooching on me or anyone who has been, be very careful to get lots of fluids.

The symptoms:
Lack of appetite
Fever (My co-worker's fever was so high it sent her to the ER)
Bone pain/aches

I remember how strange it was Thursday that co-worker wasn't hungry, as she and I usually talk about food all day long. Oddly enough, I had no interest in eating much of anything after 4pm Saturday, and didn't notice or think anything of it. The thing that should have caught my attention, though, was that I had no interest in drinking anything after 4 Saturday. Not even water. When I got a headache last night, I figured it was dehydration from the no water bit, so I drank a huge glass of water and some advil, but that just made me super nauseous.

My humblest apologies to anyone who picked this up from me. I feel like an ass.

But I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoyed every kiss and cuddle.
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Hello everyone,

I am new to this group and wanted to introduce myself. I am a 36 y/o male from the south shore, I am in a long term poly relationship. I found this group while searching around for Poly events in the area.

I am open to 20 questions, so feel free to ask. I am pretty open, so careful what you ask about. :) cuz you just make get the truthful answer.

I look forward to participating within this community.