October 22nd, 2007


Handel and Haydn. Well, mostly Handel

Every year, the Handel and Haydn Society has a performance of "The Messiah" (by Handel, if you didn't know), and I've thus far only seen it once in Boston; going to The Messiah used to be a yearly ritual for me, because I was usually in Europe to visit my parents (who lived in the Netherlands at the time), and I could stop in London on my way home and see a performance with a chorus which was too big, and a group of soloists which were Just Right. (Once I saw it in the Royal Albert Hall, which was magnificent).

In any event, there is a set of performances every year put on by the Handel and Haydn folks, and I'd like to go. Is anyone else interested? I'd be willing to try to arrange a group rate (I'll see what they say, in any event), but I'd like to have an idea what size group would like to go. Performances this year are November 30, December 1 and December 2; I'm going to have to go to the November 30th one, because I'm working the other two days. Comment here or drop me an email if you're interested. Tickets range from $83 to $25; I'd like to not sit in the cheapest possible seats (although they don't suck-no seats at Symphony Hall really *suck*, there are better and worse ones, though), but I'm open to the necessity.

(Also-I dress up for the Symphony, because it's a good excuse to do so. It's not required, though; lots of people come dressed in jeans, although not usually t-shirts, because it's generally too cold for that).


Because I am ham-fisted, I just deleted a comment in polyboston from csbermack. My apologies to that person, who added some information of real value. If you'd be willing to repost I'd appreciate it. (I had intended to delete *my reply* to that comment, which ended up in the wrong place, and screwed that up also. Too late for me to be on the intartubes, apparently).