October 27th, 2007

  • obie

Everyone is invited! Come on by tonight!

Yup yup, its that time again, and Im gearing up my laptop to host my yearly Halloween Party in Seattle!

Hey now, don't feel left out. You can also hop in and enjoy a bit of the magic.

I will be broadcasting starting around 11pm Eastern time. I have grabbed a hell of a lot Halloween tunes, some old some new, and some that are truly bizarre. I'm checking em out as I type..

Requests will be taken, so make sure that you have Yahoo Messenger running. That's where I will be, taking requests and sitting on cam. Yeah, why not. :) Its Halloween after all, I'm allowed to show my scary face. :)

The place to go to pick up my show is as follows:


Look for the stream that says ObieRadio-HalloweenParty

Click on listen and crank it up.

Hop on Yahoo and add Xianoth2 to your list. Send me some love why don't ya!

Hope to see a bunch of you tuned in and dancing out the night with me!