December 6th, 2007


Poly Friendly Apartments in Salem

(I sent this to the PBA chat list and my own journal, sorry for any dupes.)

I'm a Bi-Poly-Geek-Sub who owns a three family in Salem, Ma. My third floor unit opened up about a month ago and now my second floor tenants have just given notice. They are both spacious two bedroom units (could possibly be used a three bedrooms). I've included the links to craigslist, please pass the info on to any interested parties. Thank you!

Second Floor
Third Floor
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Emilie Autumn

looking for a meeting/gathering

So I know there are general social gatherings at the diesel, and the queer poly women's monthly meeting.  Is there a similar meeting for men or men and women in the boston/nh area?  I'm looking for one for a friend to chat and talk to others about their and his poly experience, as he's in a newer situation.