March 15th, 2008

  • noire

skating parties?

This isn't particularly a poly post, but I've just learned that a good number of the polyBoston crowd enjoy roller skating, and since I consider myself a member of this crowd I *certainly* have a bias for my own. So--if you're interested in going roller skating I just created a new community:


to organize trips to the rink.

If you're interested, please join the community! And invite anyone else who might like to skate to join. Just my friends alone aren't going to make a regular rink rental.

Really, my primary purpose is not simply to have a place to shout "hey, let's go skating" but also to organize to rent out the rink for just us! If we have 40 people who are willing to pay $10/each, we can have the rink to ourselves--so we control the music and it isn't horribly crowded. I know we can rent the rink on Wednesday nights, and I'm pretty sure about Monday and Thursdays as well. Sunday may be a possibility--we'd have to ask (and it may be more expensive, but if there are enough skaters we're there.) The rental hours these evenings are 7-9, which does mean getting out to Saugus a bit on the early side, but it's doable.

But I stopped skating because I hated the music and there were so many kids on the floor or it was so horribly crowded that you couldn't actually skate. I guess other people might feel the same way and maybe together we can make this happen.

I'll be cross posting this in a number of places to see if we can't get an actual thing going.