August 14th, 2008


More Poly in the Media, from Fox News to Miss Manners

The last three months have seen a continued stream of Polyamory in the News, as you know if you've friended the nice LJ feed at LiveJournal polymedia.

So where's the conservative backlash already? The coverage we're getting -- the stuff your worried mother is reading (and your boss) -- continues to range from neutral to remarkably positive, by and large. Even a Fox News commentator had decent things to say.

Have the bigtime conservatives shot their wad (those are the items with my "critics of poly" tag) and quit? They've hardly peeped about us in more than a year — aside from the pro-forma mentions, which haven't changed in maybe a decade, that after gay marriage polys are the next step down the slippery slope to marrying goats.

Maybe they’ve realized that the more they call attention to us, the more people hear that polyamory is actually possible. So, have we been bracing for a storm that's not coming? I wouldn't bet on it; keep your wits and arguments sharp.

Meanwhile, if you haven't kept up with what the world is saying about us, here's some of what you recently missed:

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