September 22nd, 2010


Clothing Swap! Oct 24th

CLOTHING SWAP!  Stripes and plaid!  Feathers and leather! 

Where: 78 Prichard Ave, Somerville, MA
When: 1pm to 4pm Sunday, October 24th

-any clothing, including...
-baby clothes, kid clothes, maternity clothes
-winter clothes (incl hats, gloves, scarves, boots)
-accessories (eg belts, jewelry)

-anything that perceptibly needs washing
-anything too damaged to give to Goodwill
-anything not-wearable
-underwear (but clean bras are ok)

Early drop-off:
In bags on the front porch please, anytime between WEDNESDAY 10/20
and the event.  No prior arrangement needed, but do ring the bell in case
we're home.  Having a good amount of clothing to sort in advance is
essential for this kind of event.  A few hands to help sort the day before
would be appreciated, ask us if you're interested to help.

Your stuff:
The foyer will be strictly for owned and claimed clothing.  It's not
large so please use bags rather than piles, and keep an aisle free.

In the driveway on the left side of the house if there's room (pull
all the way up please).  Prichard Ave and the surrounding streets
are Ok to park without a permit because it's Sunday!

Directions:, with caveats 1) the Swap
will be occurring at #78, which is the unit downstairs of Chip and
Anne's, 2) the house is PURPLE.  This is not really a caveat as it has
been purple for over 4 years, but we still like that it is purple.

Food is neither required nor forbidden.  If you're bringing stuff to
share, please go for more nutrition, less sugar.  All food goes to the

Feline presence:
Yes.  (Air filters, too.)

See y'all soon!
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