January 9th, 2011

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polyboston.org temporarily down

polyboston.org (the mailing list and web site) is temporarily down due to a breakin. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to spend the time to fix things when I found out so I just shut the server down. I’ll be able to look at it tonight and I’m pretty sure I’ll at least be able to get the mailing lists (if not the full polyboston.org web site) up fairly quickly.

(This was an oversight on my part; the breakin was due to a known vulnerability that I fixed systematically on my physical servers at home but neglected to fix on my colocated virtual server.)

I have no idea at this point what the attackers did while they had control of my machine, but this is a kind of attack that lots of sites have seen recently, and I have no reason to think that polyboston.org was targeted specifically or that the attackers were particularly interested in the list or its contents.

By the way, this does not affect my personal mail, or the personal mail of other individuals with @aq.org addresses.

I’ll post a status update this evening after I’ve had a chance to look at the situation.
Geek: Mac 64

polyboston.org status report

I’m working on getting the list data off the old (cracked) disk image, but unfortunately a couple of (non-Poly Boston) lists hosted on the machine have huge archives. (Lots of the messages included large attachments, and I think lots of messages with large attachments were cross-posted to both lists, therefore archived twice.) That’s why I'm just barely started with this process, instead of almost done. :-/