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The intro post.

Quite right.  *ahem*

My aaactual name is Christina, but online I frequently go by The Lady Tabitha.  Origins are shrouded in mystery!  Yes!  Anyways.  I'm 24, and have lived in Boston (or its outlying areas, same thing) since December of '99.  I've been in both monogamist and polyamorish relationships, but it's been only recently that I've "come out" as poly.  I amuse myself with that, because even though I'm bisexual (oh, I'm bi, by the way), I never "came out" as such, I just was.  So I'm getting the whole closet-egression thing with poly.  :)

I'm in a relationship with a giant panda bear wonderful man name of hawver, and I'm seeing two women right now.  He and I are very slowly getting into polyamory, as we figure it's better in the long run to go slowly than to go quickly and fuck things up.

What else does one put in an intro post??  Um... I'm an atheist, I'm bi, I've had three poly experiences (bad, good, good-so-far), and I share my life and bedding with one Magic, my 4-year-old black prettykitty.  I read like it was my job (mostly old science fiction and whatever non-fiction interests me at the moment), I like to dance (swing, club, '80s flailing), and I tend to vacillate between extraversion and introversion... and sometimes, plain old aversion.

I think that's it!  Check the bio for more!
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