Chaos & Void - Balance Between Diametric Opposites (shechinah) wrote in polyboston,
Chaos & Void - Balance Between Diametric Opposites


I woke up a little early this morning.. feeling particularly randy, so I suddenly decided on a whim to pick up the day by joining this group!

...Er... Allow me to start with a proper introduction, however.

Hi! I am fairly new to Boston (as of this past May).
For a while I had convinced myself that I don't need to get to know or meet any one because any one who would ever be worth getting to know, should eventually bump into me.

Well, damn it. This morning I suddenly was struck with the urge to go ahead and make a more "grand" appearance and/or possibly exploit the LJ world to catalyze and expedite the process.

Might as well, since LJ is after all, a community, right?
I have been so firmly avoiding the use of LJ to "reach out" and meet people, that I now almost feel like a monk, ending his vow of silence!

Any way, this is me.
I felt it was appropriate to join this group, because I am an uninhibited, free-spirited type of lover.

A lover of life,
A lover of love
A lover of others who feel similar to myself...

And, boy-- do I feel GOOD.
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