Demosceles (demosceles) wrote in polyboston,

Poly-boston Skiing/Snowboarding outing?

I haven't had an opportunity or a very good reason to post to this group, however something came to mind and I thought that I might want to suggest it and see if anyone else was really interested. The past couple years I've found that whenever I choose to go snowboarding, its always tough to find people to go with, so I thought that maybe I could post up on here and see if quite a few people might be interested in going, or if a lot of people are interested then maybe trying to arrange a descent size poly-boston weekend outing to go snowboarding/skiing/tubing (or just hang out at the lodge for some) at one of the mountains. Not sure which mountain/park yet since that would probably go by a majority rules, but by all means leave comments/input and let me know if it might be something worth trying to arrange with the group or if you yourself would be interested in going. I'm thinking January or February for when it might be (obviously not the weekend of the winter flea) although that's also open for discussion.
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