Peppermint (inki) wrote in polyboston,

looking for boston-area volunteer interviewers for a poly project

For those of you who have not seen these posts over on polyamory, some background: the purpose of this project is to interview a number of people/couples/groups in long-term poly relationships, and then post the transcripts (and possibly the audio) on a public website. The website would then serve as a resource for the poly community, as well as being a political tool, allowing us to point and say, "look, long-term poly relationships are quite doable".

I would in no way personally profit from the website, aside from my stake in the success of polyamory.

I have three sets of folks looking to be interviewed in the boston area, but so far, no interviewers. (I'm in San Francisco myself, where I'll be doing interviews.) Want to do something quick and easy that helps out the poly community?

Interviewers (and interviewees) will have a lot on latitude on how the interview is done, though I will be providing sample questions. Interviews will probably run 30 min to an hour. No experience interviewing is necessary, though you will have to locate a simple recorder (digital or analog). Also, I have plenty of folks volunteering to transcribe, so the only thing I need you for is the interview proper.

Interested? Drop me a line in comments or at

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