Firespiral (firespiral) wrote in polyboston,

Zola, my, my. Dinner last night at Zola (in North Andover) was fucking amazing!!!!

Firstly, the waitperson was drop-dead gorgeous. No, really! I mean "thinking of my heels over my head" drop-dead gorgeous. I think Q. and I had the shakes from it. We kept grinning, and waiting to have Him come pour more sparkling water from the bottle, EVEN though we coulda had that water 5 minutes earlier cause we were thirsty.

He was very funny, too. The first words out of my mouth to Q. after we all met eyes was "I'll Roshambo you fer him", and this guy laughs. Did not mean for Him to hear that. Funny tho, that he did. We played with him all through dinner. He seemed to like said play. Wink, smile, funny and sexy gesture.

We left an Erochron card with the tab in the silver case as we left. Now, that card is glossy Black with a split image of Q. sitting in his birthday suit (sounds crass, but it is a loverly card, and not very spicy at all, just beautiful photography) it was hard to miss... (The edge of the card itself is like a seam that runs down his body, so that only half of his image is displayed...way cool). Now, all we have to do is wait and see if He calls for a photoshoot. Oh, my.

Dinner: Tapas: pan seared calamari with eggplant caponata atop field greens with fresh thyme and lemon.

Antipasti: Hand made tagliatelli with kalamata olives, peppers, garlic and baby tomato.

Entree: Rack of lamp (okay , that was originally a typo but I am laughing so much I had to leave it). LAMB. Yes, I do eat beastie every once in a while.

Finale: Some whippy/smooth and correctly chocolate pie in an oat and pistachio crust, with raspberry, blackberry and gooseberry garnish.

All of it, including Himself, was *Really, Really, Really* Yummy.

And, well, of course my Most Significant Other was charming and sexy and a very good flirt (with the waiter as well as with me!)

Home again for some not-so-gustatorial persuits.
(Another Ah.....Grand Finale)
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