plumtreeblossom (plumtreeblossom) wrote in polyboston,

PB Dim Sum Brunch, Sunday 2/4

China Pearl, 9 Tyler Street, Chinatown, Boston. We'll gather out front beforehand. Please dress for the weather.

WHEN: Sunday February 4. We'll gather at 10:45 AM and go in at 11:00 AM.

WHO: You, your SOs, kids, families, and friends. Just let me know how many you'll have in tow so we'll have a good headcount. If the group is large enough, we'll need to spread out to two tables (or more), though I've been part of astonishingly large groups cozily squeezed in together. Either way there will be seating for all. If you show up late, I can't guarantee roomy seating at the main table, but you will absolutely get a seat somewhere.


Street parking is virtually non-existant in Chinatown on Sunday mornings. Taking the T will eliminate that headache. But if you need to drive, there is paid parking nearby.

Vegetarian and vegan options are limited, but they do exist. If you're a dim-sum-savvy veggie, your help will be heartily appreciated in helping other vegetarians/vegans identify the right items to choose.

Please RSVP by February 1. Hope to see you there!


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