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Face first

This goes into the Things I've Discovered About Myself bucket:

I cannot be entirely outside of my sweetheart's relationships with other people.

I got to spend this Saturday night with J's emergent sweetie (you know, I'm not really sure what to call him. I don't think "sweetie" is really right, but he's not her lover yet. "Boyfriend" certainly ain't right, but it's more than a simple friend thing. And it'll get really tiring to type "The One With Whom She Is Growing A Deep, Meaningful Intimacy" more than once). He came over to my house and we just sat and talked and talked and talked, about all sorts of stuff. I like him a lot, and that makes it soooo much easier to give them space and alone time together.

It's funny - he could be the exact same person that he is now, but if I never got to meet him and I just got to hear about him second-hand through J., this would be way harder than it is (which, at this point, is not very). Without being able to make that kind of contact, without being able to put a face to a name, I doubt that I could do this for very long.

Funny me.
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