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Polyamory in the News: why such positive coverage?

What is it about polyamory that’s getting us so much good media attention now?

If you haven’t been reading Polyamory in the News in the last three months — or haven't friended the nice feed for it at LiveJournal polymedia — here's some of what you missed:

  • The style magazine of the New York Post discovers the poly scene (one of them anyway) and portrays us as the hippest, most where-it’s-at people in New York City.

  • “Are open marriages more successful than traditional couplings?” asks ABC “That's like asking if monogamy works,” replies Deborah Anapol, whom ABC News tracked down. “Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn't. It depends almost entirely on the people involved and their willingness to tell the truth and do the work.”

  • A sympathetic religion reporter looks at religion and spirituality among polys for the Religion News Service. Yes, we have good church-going Christians.

  • A trans-queer triad bares all to a diet-and-gossip magazine. The story (at least the writer’s unedited version) is a heart-warmer.

  • The Shifting Meaning of the Word Polyamory. “When a concept goes mass-market it often gets cheapened and degraded. Even the most wonderful trend is liable to turn sour on going downmarket, much to its originators’ dismay....”

  • Songs of Polyamory, including Penelope Swales, Gaia Consort, and the new one making the rounds, “My Boyfriend's Girlfriend Isn't Me.”

  • “Dear Margo,” a top newspaper advice columnist, got a bit snarky toward polys, heard from many of us in reply, and as a result, came back with a wonderfully good piece educating middle America. Your great-aunt in Oshkosh may be thinking a little better of you after reading it.

  • Leaders of Loving More say their piece for an hour on Rev. Barry Lynn's talk show. (Listen to the mp3.)

  • A parenting magazine offers a sweet account of a tightly knit triad raising their young daughter: “And Baby Makes Four”.

  • All of which prompted a long essay analyzing “the strange credibility of polyamory” across a surprising swath of mainstream culture. Exactly why are we doing so well right now — and when does the backlash happen?

    Plus, poly in South Africa and Germany; veto power as the nuclear option; poly rules that couples use (or not); more on open marriage including a new book in the works and a poly couple daring to appear on Oprah Winfrey....


    Here's the site: Polyamory in the News ( The most recent 10 items are up front.

    Here are the September, October, and November archives.

    Here's where to get the LJ friends feed.

    I've done 169 of these reports in the last two years. They're sorted in the archive by category, month, and sometimes location. Have fun browsing.



    (...who is always looking for news leads. If you see something good that I miss, please email me: alan7388 [at] comcast [dot] net.)
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